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Resculpt your body with 3 bodyweight workouts per week and gain the confidence & physique of a Spartan warrior

Resculpt your body with 3 bodyweight workouts per week and gain the confidence & physique of a Spartan warrior

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Build an Aesthetic, Eye-Catching Physique

No More Expensive Weights, Gym Subscriptions, Rubber Bands,…

Rapidly Develop Impressive Athleticism

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“Hey Karsten, after 1 month of following your program, my muscles have grown a lot!! Keep the good content coming man, you are truly my hero”

Thomas c.

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Advantages of Bodyweight Exercises


Build an Attractive Physique Without Breaking The Bank

Invest in yourself without the heavy cost. Gym memberships will easily cost you more than $400.00 USD per year. For this program, you will need absolutely no equipment aside from a few basic things like a towel, chairs,...


Switches Things Up To Make Workouts Fun Again

Consistency is the key to success, and our program is designed to make consistency a breeze. New easy-to-follow exercises will keep you entertained as you conquer new challenges while looking like a jacked warrior.


More Time to Enjoy Life While Looking Aesthetic

No more wasted hours commuting to the gym – achieve your dream body on your own schedule wherever you want. Nothing should stand in the way of living your best life while sculpting your dream physique.


Doesn’t Take Up An Unwanted Big Amount Of Space

We understand that not everyone has a fancy gym setup, which is why our workouts are designed to make the most of even the smallest living spaces. Through creative exercise routines, you'll discover that achieving your fitness goals doesn't require sacrificing valuable space

Get the full body program now

A Full System to Help Unlock Your Dream Physique

The Proven Program for Sculpting the

Spartan Warrior Aesthetic

Our complete 12-week program will take you one step at a time from where you are now to a strong, toned body that radiates confidence and health.

You’ll receive the simple workout routine to unlock an attractive Spartan physique. All while just performing 3 different 60 minute sessions per week.

No more guesswork, a simple step-by-step process based on the latest scientific research. Everything is straightforward and thoughtfully planned out for you: the number of sets, reps, exercises, and other key workout components.

Supercharge your gains:

Christal Clear Exercise Walkthroughs

From the essential fundamentals to secret expert tweaks that increase muscle growth. Build muscle in record time by effortlessly leveraging the power of perfect exercise technique through easy-to-follow walkthroughs.

You’ll get instant lifetime access to our online exercise walkthroughs. Immediately unlock over 30+ tutorials explaining how to do each exercise for optimal muscle growth.

You'll know exactly what to do & how to do it effortlessly, down to the smallest crucial details!


Excel sheet for tracking

The importance of monitoring your progress to stay motivated and make visible gains cannot be underestimated. Consistency is the key to success, and our program is designed to make consistency a breeze.

With our exclusive Excel spreadsheet, tracking your workouts has never been easier! Effortlessly log your exercises, set personal bests, and watch as you conquer new challenges week after week while looking like a jacked warrior.

No more guessing what weights you used in your last workouts. Just turn to your phone-friendly tracking sheet and progressively overload wherever you are.

transform your body, boost your confidence

and take the first step to getting jacked


Suited to your experience level

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate lifter, our program includes a list of all exercises ranked according to each level of experience.

The only thing you have to do is follow our simple guide to find your starting point and then move up a difficulty level once you’ve mastered that movement. This way you can achieve your dream physique in record time.


THE WARM-UP PROTOCOL for superior performance

Get the most out of your workouts.

Our science-based warm-up routine will prime your muscles, enhance flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury. All while only taking up a couple of minutes.

Avoid losing your hard-earned muscle because of injury setbacks with this powerful protocol!

Embrace the spirit of a warrior as you charge into each workout with full force and determination.

Give it a try and see

The positive impact our program can have on your life

Get the aesthetic physique of a Spartan warrior

17-Week Muscle Growth System With 3 Full Body Workouts

Intermediate + Beginner Program Both Included

Detailed Exercise Tutorials For Optimal Muscle Growth

Exercise Cheat Sheets For Personal Trainer Like Guidance

Easy-to-use Excel Sheet For Tracking Your Lifts and Making Progress

Over 20+ pages of bonus content!

30 day

money back guarantee

“I’m so convinced you’ll love my programs that at Spartan Aesthetix I provide a full 30-day money-back guarantee. No fine print, no hassle, no questions asked. Try it out. If you don't love it, I'll refund you every single penny. There’s no risk on your part, the risk is on us.”

Science-Based for Maximum Results

There is no shortage of self-proclaimed fitness “experts” and gurus who’d like you to think they know the “secret” to building an attractive physique. But how effective are these methods really?

At Spartan Aesthetix, I leave no room for guesswork. My programs are carefully designed based on the latest scientific research, ensuring every aspect, from the exercises to the rest periods, is optimized to deliver the best possible results. You can trust that every moment you invest in this program is backed by evidence and expertise.

Your questions answered

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Who is this program for?

This program is for beginners to intermediate lifters who have been training for 0-4 years. This is meant for training 3 days per week as optimally as possible.

What equipment do I need?

The only objects you need are some basic things like stairs, chairs,...

How fast will I see results?

How fast will I see results?

How much muscle can I expect to gain?

This will depend a lot on your genetic factors and how well your body responds to resistance training. Someone who’s just beginning can expect to gain from 12 to 24 lbs of muscle in a year (about 1-2 lbs per month). While intermediates, who have about 1 year of solid training experience, will most likely gain 6 to 12 lbs (about 0.5-1 lbs per month). Very advanced lifters will only gain about 3-6lbs per year. If you’re a women, you will have to divide these numbers in half.

What if I can’t do a certain exercise?

The exercise list contains a high amount of different exercises, so simply try another one!

Is this program suitable for women?

Absolutely! Anyone who is looking to build muscle can run this program. However this program is mainly built to gain muscle around your whole body.